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What is it?

MoSCoW is a prioritization technique that you can use to sort things to do or arrange product features according to their importance. MoSCoW is the acronym of the four categories to determine priorities; Must have, Should have, Could have and Won’t get

How can I use it?

List all content related to the topic that needs prioritization. Using voting, discussion and similar methods, collect the vital ones under the must have set, the features that would make a very positive contribution to the project or product into the should have set, and the features that would be good to have under the could have set. If you do not intend to do it, collect the content in the won't get set. Starting from the must have category, you can continue your product development process more efficiently.

When can I use it?

If there are many topics or product features to work on, you will definitely need prioritization. You can use your resources more efficiently by identifying the really valuable and important issues at the beginning of the process. You can also use the MoSCoW method to determine the features that MVP has.

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