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Furnisher App

Finding the right furniture for your places much more easily

Furnisher is a smart assistant that you can use in your home furnishing and furniture purchasing processes. It helps you to choose the most suitable furniture next to your furniture and to reach the most suitable furniture alternatives with its smart filter.



I conducted semi-structured interviews with 5 users to quickly understand the context. While determining the participants, I set the criteria to be young and middle-aged and to have bought new furniture or moved to another house in the last 2 years.

5 Participants

3 females and 2 males

32 years old (average)

aged between 23 and 40

4,3 hours

the shortest 30 minutes, the longest 65 minutes

Key takeaways from my user research:

  • Users do not make a quick decision to buy or replace furniture. Evaluating alternatives can take a long time.

  • They are trying to find new furniture alternatives that are compatible with the furniture they have in order to provide integrity in the decoration of their homes.

  • The categories and filtering options in the existing digital products are insufficient to find the furniture they are looking for among the product variety in the market.

Information Architecture

Furnisher_information architecture.jpg

I created information architecture with research findings. While the Home and Favorites sections are also encountered in other apps, I suggested two innovative way and sections, Search with Camera and Smart Filter, with research findings.

Search with Camera

Furnisher_search with camera.png

With the help of the "Search with Camera" feature, the user can focus on any furniture in his/her home using the camera of his phone.

  • By using image processing technology, information about the furniture is displayed to the user.

  • In addition, furniture alternatives compatible with that item are recommended to the user.

Smart Filter

Furnisher_smart filter.png

One of the important findings in the research process was the abundance of furniture alternatives and the inadequacy of filtering options in existing digital products.

A certain furniture style, function, a room in their home, different living spaces and material options were the basic options that users considered when evaluating the furniture.

I tried to create a dynamic narrowing option among furniture alternatives through the Smart Filter.

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