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Mood Board

What is it?

Mood board is a visual guideline, which is a type of board consisting of colors, images, animations, fonts, texture and patterns, texts and other elements related to the design. It is an important tool that you can create in a short time, that you can use as a communication tool and to provide explicit guidance to you.

How can I use it?

It can be in physical or digital formats. If you create it digitally, you can make revisions more easily and keep it in a dynamic structure. Decide what you want to achieve and what emotions you want to emphasize with your product. Gather all the documents you already have and all the inspirations that will make it easier for you to reach the scope. These inspiration sources can be anything like visual, color, texture, font, text etc. Create a hierarchy and composition among these elements that will be your reference during the design process.

When can I use it?

Your colleagues or clients may have deduced different meanings from the concepts and terms. You can use this method before the prototype and final design stages. Before starting the realization of design, you can use it to establish and control the consensus between the team and the client. Creating mood boards will take less time than prototype and final design, so you can manage the process faster and more economically.

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